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In addition to the cases in the List of Authorities noted above, the following cases are provided as a reference for OAIRP members as key precedents for consideration in other matters.  This is not an exhaustive list of relevant cases and does not constitute legal advice.  Please recommend other cases for inclusion by email to OAIRP.

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CCAA stay of proceedings

Abitibi Bowater Inc. (Arrangement relative a), 2010 QCCS 1261, leave to appeal to QCCA revused, 2010 QCCA 965, leave to appeal to SCC granted (2010, 413 NR 397)  [environmental — regulatory — provable — remediation — creditor]

Nortel Networks Corp (re) , 2012 ONSC 1213
[environmental — remediation — regulatory — provable — creditor]

Nortel Networks Corp (2009), 56 C.B.R. (5th) 74 (ONSC)

Consumer insolvency