OAIRP advocates on behalf of its members on issues of local and provincial interest. Such advocacy is enhanced by maintaining and enhancing OAIRP’s profile with key stakeholders, including the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the Courts, the Commercial List Users’ Committee and the Province of Ontario.

Members of the OAIRP Board participate in many CAIRP Committees, including the CRA and Ministry of Finance Liaison Committee, the Toronto Registrar’s Court Committee, the Commercial List Users’ Committee, and other professional insolvency related organizations. OAIRP also seeks legal opinions on matters pertaining to the administration of insolvency in the Province of Ontario and, where considered appropriate, will seek intervener status in judicial proceedings.

OAIRP provides commentary to, and consults with, representatives of the Ontario government on matters that are seen to have an impact on consumers/businesses facing financial hardship, and/or on matters that may impact on the practice of insolvency by our members in Ontario.

We have ongoing meetings with the OSB in the Toronto, Ottawa and London offices to discuss practice issues, which have included WEPPA administration, CRA matters, licensing, advertising by members, OSB interventions and the OSB’s plans for the future.